New Food Blog

Welcome to my new food blog. I'm not sure exactly what this "food blog" will be like. I mainly started it for the purpose of archiving my personal recipes (so I don't have a giant list of recipes on my real blog). I plan to gradually move the recipes I have on my real blog over to this new site.

I guess you can think of this new blog as an extension of my main blog with an emphasis on the obvious...FOOD!

A few things are for sure...on this blog you will find my favorite recipes and a focus on DINNER IDEAS.

When was the last time you heard someone say..."I just don't know what to make for breakfast."?

Exactly...you haven't.

It's dinner that stumps us. So it is dinner ideas I will try to focus on.

Recipes coming soon.

P.S. Title is subject to change (or maybe not). Any ideas?


  1. What a wonderful idea! I look forward to the upcoming posts!

  2. I like the title!

    Now, tell me what's for dinner! :)

  3. Love it. I never know what to make for dinner. I have literally looked on your website (and your sister's) for ideas. This will help us followers!!!

  4. yay! now I don't have to learn how to menu plan...so thanks in advance!

  5. I love this...I always like to know what other people really cook during the week... not just one main item but the full meal deal sides and all. I know so many of my friends,like me,cook the same 10 or so things regularly, and I have often thought it would be so nice to compile everyone's basics and have a much larger menu. I am so excited to see what you post. you do a great job with receipes, I especially like the step by step pictures.


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