summer suppers

I know it is not technically summer yet, but in my corner of the world it sure is warm. Today I share a couple of EASY and PRACTICAL summer supper ideas.

The first...a really good sandwich. Not your average sandwich, but a good one with good bread, good turkey, good mayonnaise. I also especially love a BLT this time of year. Other sandwich components I recommend are avocado, sprouts, cheese, arugula, peppers, red onion....anything that fancies it up a bit. Pick up a bag of Kettle chips and a half gallon of ice cream while you're at the store and you have a summer supper fit for a king!

The second....TACOS! How easy is that? Ground beef, cheese, lettuce, salsa, sour cream. All you have to do is brown the ground beef and mix up the seasonings. There is so little preparation, but this meal is still just as satisfying as home cooked meal that took all day to prepare.

I often buy those cheap-o packets of Spanish rice to eat as a side dish. It's good. And easy.

You want to know something else about these meals? I have served them to company on more than one occasion. And I think our friends were both surprised and delighted by the simplicity of the food. So often we think we have to prepare something amazing to have people over for dinner. But it is the fellowship that is most enjoyed!

What is your easy summer go-to meal, the kind of meal you can throw together after spending all day at the pool? :)

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