Rainbow Cakes

These are so fun and happy.
Inspiration from here. Recipe used from here.

Note: I omitted the almond extract b/c I felt it was a little too sophisticated for rainbows. Also, I used a store bought vanilla icing.

I just so happened to have an excess of orange and blue batter.



  1. How FUN are these?!?! Next time I have a need to bake cupcakes, this is it! And don't you just love when you have an excess of orange and blue batter? :)


  2. Cute tailgate idea. War Eagle:)

  3. yay! you did it!! I can't wait for an excuse to try them myself!

  4. Too cute! I have been wanting to make some but first want to make some cake-pops from Bakerella.com, if you haven't checked out her site it is the bomb!

  5. Cute! Where did you find the square muffin tins? I must have some!

  6. so pretty! your photos are delish too.
    I noticed the site you linked too talked about a cloud of icing on top - I think I would put Italian meringue on top in a big puffy gooey cloud. Really, these are so pretty.

    (I make a cheater version of Italian meringue - recipe here:http://thriftathome.blogspot.com/2010/03/sunday-treat.html)

  7. That cupcake at the top looks so delicious.

  8. These are intensely beautiful! Love them {I usually am attracted to the frosting first...but in this case, I am most defiantly drawn to those rainbow layers!}

    xx Cat brideblu


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