Here are some of my 2 year old's favorite meals. Y'all, he is a mouth to feed. For the longest he was a little bird eater, but now he's gobbling up everything in sight! I actually have to prepare him REAL meals.

1. Homemade lunchables.

Cheese, crackers, ham or turkey. Easy.
I used to beg my mama to buy me lunchables. And she never would. She claimed they were too expensive. Fast forward 6 years later and my little brother came along. He practically ate a lunchable for every meal. Not cool, mom.

2. Tyson chicken nuggets. YUM. I recently prepared these for Stephen Small while my sister and bro-in-law were at our house. Pretty sure I witnessed every single adult picking at my child's plate....including myself and my husband. These nuggets are pure delightfulness. And they were BOGO.

3. Personal Pizzas. My mom picked up some little pre-made pizza crusts and stuck them in my freezer on one of her visits. When I got around to using them, it was personal pizzas for the Smalls 3 nights in a row!

He eats a lot earlier than Capt' Steve and I eat. He also likes tacos. And spaghetti is his #1 favorite. I've even sneaked vegetables in by dicing them up really small and putting them in the sauce.

And my last thought on kid food is would you eat it? For a while I was trying to feed little Steve icky things like green beans out of the can and roasted sweet potatoes. Not that those are bad foods, but really.....would I eat those?, NO. So I started to put a little more effort into his meals. And what do you know, he started eating them.

Baked potatoes.....he loves those too. With butter, sour cream, cheese!

What do your little folk eat?!


  1. I also used to ask for Lunchables ALL the time when I was little, but we only bought them once in a blue moon. At least my brother rarely got them, either! I'm surprised that hasn't started a family rift, Sarah Barry :)


  2. Livia wanted lunchables until I showed her the amount of sodium in them, gonna have to try the homemade version. Asher's favorite food is Eggs Benedict (he said he wants to eat it all the time and more than ice cream), interesting child.

  3. Porter's favorite right now is moonballs. The recipe is on my blog.

  4. Great post! FRR loves all of the foods you listed. We also do the kid pizza but we use tortillas instead of actual pizza crusts. I also add veggies to spaghetti and pizza sauce. I make homeade spaghetti and pizza sauce with a base of canned whole tomatoes and tomato juice but I add a thawed container of frozen chopped spinach to FRR's portion and then freeze the pizza and spaghetti sauce in an ice tray and they stash the cubes of sauce in seperate freezer bags! It makes for super easy meals!!! FRR also lurvs a good pot roast. I've also been known to make a grilled cheese with some sandwich meat stashed in there, dip in egg and fry it up for a kiddo version of Croque Madame;) I too have a stash of the Tyson Chik nuggets and they are SO handy when I have to serve a quick meal. We've just started something new to get him to eat veggies, like hardcore ones like broccoli, squash & green beans. We've told him that he has to eat them to make his muscles grow so he can be big & strong like Daddy. He actually thinks his muscles are growing while he's eating the veggies. Its hilarious! I've never fed him anything that we wouldn't eat ourselves, glad you are of the same school;) p.s. i broke my own cardinal rule of never buying the "trendy" stuff like kid yogurt. its officially become a staple. its just easy. i buy a few weeks supply of whatever is on sale and he gets it once a day as a side. i also buy Mott's no sugar added applesauce that has tons of flavors and no sugar & no sugar substitute because that stuff is awful! the flavors are mango peach/strawberry/country berry/ blueberry, etc. he loves them and we have them as a side once a day too. i used to buy the big jar of great value no sugar added applesauce and its still wonderful but i wanted to introduce him to new fruit flavors without buying a bunch of fruit he turns his nose up to;) its turned out to be a great alternative. bananas and applesauce with the occassional peach are the only fresh fruit the kid will eat.

  5. yeah, it's true kids like flavorful food. I used a baby-food grinder a lot when they were little so I didn't have to mess with any other kind of food. They ate what we were having (within reason - we held off on eggs and dairy until age 1 - I think). They still do. Sometimes they like it, sometimes not but their favorites change so often that I don't pay much attention to a dislike.

    Favorites right now are grilled corn on the cob and anything with grape tomatoes. I also make popsicles with leftover smoothies and they really like those. Watermelon. Anything chocolate.

  6. oh - I meant to say I love your homemade lunchables idea. My kids would LOVE that.


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