Really Plain Chicken

One of my favorite ways to make chicken is in a pan --- with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper {freshly ground preferred}. That's it.

Smaller pieces of chicken work best like chicken cutlets or tenders. You can use frozen. Simply allow time to defrost. Salt and pepper to desired taste.

For cooking, use a non-stick skillet pan and turn stove on medium - high heat.

Right before cooking SPRAY WITH COOKING SPRAY. Then pour in a little olive oil. Salt and pepper your chicken, then toss it in the pan.

Cook on both sides until done.

This chicken is pure. It is good. It is lean. I ate mine on a tortilla with a little sour cream and jalapenos. Perfection.

This chicken goes great on anything. It's flavorful. I've used it in salads, on pizzas, with a baked potato, a side of broccoli, in pasta. You name it.


  1. that first photo is very inspiring - makes me hungry! I have never never cooked chicken this way - why not, I wonder? Thanks for a good simple tip.


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