Things I've Learned Lately (about Food)

We are still eating. And cooking! Life is full. I posted here and here how I'm changing gears in the kitchen and at the grocery store - how we are transitioning from a family of two adult eaters to, well .... a full blown family that has to be fed. Even for me who enjoys being in the kitchen, it's been a challenge, one that I'm still figuring out.

We have thoroughly enjoyed summer produce this year.

But I'm not going to lie - I'm looking forward to fall and soups. Soups are my life. I think cool weather cooking is SO much easier than summer. Crock pots, more freezable meals - bring it on!

I'm eager to make that first batch of pumpkin muffins.

I recently defrosted my deep freezer, cleaned it out, and I can't wait to fill it up as we wait for BABY to arrive this December.

 Summer has been good to us food-wise. I learned a lot about eating and cooking.

I learned to slow down in the kitchen....to follow real recipes, to not wing it so much, to try new flavors.

I learned a little self control - to not impulse buy, to buy higher quality.

I learned that shopping multiple stores really doesn't work for me. It's too much. So I'm back at Publix, paying a little more. And that's okay - it's the price I pay for sanity and convenience.

Of course there's Costco. I'm still figuring that store out and how it fits into my life.

I learned to label everything I put in the freezer after coming across several mystery items.

I learned a lot. I'm growing in the kitchen. Literally and figuratively!

I have miss posting here. But honestly, I've given you all I've got (up until now). There are some new recipes on my menu this week - FINALLY! I hope to return soon with some decent meals to share.

So what have you learned about food and life this summer? 


  1. ahhh how i love costco! i am literally there once a week and we are a family of TWO!!! Here is what I always get and it never goes to waste:
    1. english muffins
    2. cheese
    3. meat
    4. pineapple
    5. organic spinach
    6. onions
    7. garlic
    8. frozen fruit
    9. olive oil
    10. balsamic vin
    11. peppercorns
    12. wine
    13. beer
    14. paper towels
    15. toilet paper
    16. tooth paste
    17. tooth brushes
    18. deo
    19. ziplock bags
    20. oh yeah...bananas
    I wait until they have a coupon for the non food items.I have done the math and i def save money on that stuff. TMI?!

  2. Well this is a splendid posting and gorgeous photos! I'm with you on CostCo. I hyperventilate there!

  3. Yay! A new post! Love the pictures and all that beautiful summer goodness. I've learned SO much about food this summer while on the Whole30. I'll finish my 30 days next week, and I plan to post about my journey. I've learned and CHANGED so much and can't wait to share! I'm excited to hear about your new recipes!


  4. Sarah,
    I'm with you on these things!
    One store is so much easier!
    And cutting out the random "good deals" that fill up my pantry is a good thing too.
    I have really enjoyed your blog in the past.
    Have made many of your meals.
    And am so thankful you are back.
    You seriously help me plan and shop and actually cook.
    I LOVE to cook, but it can get hectic with a houseful.
    Thank you thank you!
    You are making a difference!!!


  5. I so agree - I enjoy cold weather cooking so much more! How nice to see you back in this space. I enjoy your kitchen perspective.


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