What I buy at Costco

In the comments someone asked what I buy at Costco and I thought it would make for a good post.

I was extremely reluctant to join a big box store. For one, the store itself overwhelmed me. The thought of buying such large amounts of a product overwhelmed me too. I went several times just to look around before I actually joined. And then I went and bought some stuff with my sister just to see how those items would play out in my kitchen.

I eased in to this decision. And now, after several months of shopping at Costco I can honestly say I'm thrilled with the store. We have the exact same grocery budget that we had previous to joining, but I feel like we have more food. Also their are certain products that I'm able to afford there that I feel are way out of my price range at the regular grocery store i.e. good cheese.

I have friends with no children who shop at Costco and love it. But I feel it's only been practical since we have 4 mouths to feed and can throw back a 1/2 gallon of milk in less than 12 hours. I guess it just depends on who you are and what you buy.

Here is a list of what I buy regularly.

sour cream
all kinds of cheese

ground beef
pork tenderloin
sandwich meat (turkey, ham)

frozen berries for smoothies
frozen vegetables for stir fry
frozen wild Alaskan salmon

sandwich bread
English muffins
hamburger buns

tortilla chips

olive oil
marinara sauce
canned tomatoes
tomato paste

chocolate chips
cocoa powder

all kinds of nuts

juice boxes for school lunches
golf fish crackers

peanut butter
strawberry preserves

bell peppers


laundry detergent
toilet paper
dry swiffers
zip lock backs
aluminum pans
trash bags

contact solution
advil and tylenol (adult and kids)
baby soap

photos! I've started having all my photos developed here. Excellent quality. Get the lustre finish.

That list sums it up. But I'm always trying new things. We have bought some clothes there on occasion and have been very happy with them. As for fresh produce I try to have a specific plan for it before I buy it because of the large amounts it comes in.

Happy shopping!


  1. SB, I also have a love affair with Costco. I use Kirkland brand toilet paper and it's honestly my fave. I buy a lot of the things you buy as well. Have you ever tried Kirkland brand diapers? I'm curious about the quality.

  2. This is so fun! We just joined Costco and I am lovin' it! We've been long time members of Sams and now that we've moved, we have a Costco! Yay! See ya Sams.

    I got a kick out of your comment about buying fresh produce there - we down an enitre bag of brussel sprouts in one sitting, same thing with the green beans, etc. I can remember thinking we'd never eat that much. My how time changes everything!

    Tell Laurie Betty she rocks that Costco cart. ;)

  3. Thanks for this list! It is helpful to know what others have had good experiences with at Costco. I like Costco but sometimes am not careful and buy things we do not like or cannot use quickly enough. My husband and I laughed when I bought a big container of multi vitamins that was so big it would not fit in our 1930s bathroom medicine cabinet. I think Costco's vanilla is great quality and a very good deal. I also like their spices - things like taco seasoning and cinnamon. I only buy real parmesan cheese at Costco. And I freeze their grated cheese and pull it out to use for pizza, mexican food... There are some things like Nutella that I would not buy often but bought at Costco and then my children ate too much of it too quickly! :)I recently bought one of their "deli" pot pies and my family did not love it. That said, I am a Costco fan. Love your blog!

  4. Try their cherry rhubard preserves. It has less sugar than their strawberry preserves (I think it is less $) and is so yummy. Spread some on an English muffin - so good!

  5. Love Costco! When we moved to California, we got a membership as a Christmas present. It's been great. After 3 years as members, we are living too far from a Costco to make use of the membership fee and let it go at the end of August. I miss it!! All to say, yay for Costco!
    We were able to make use of the fee with just the two of us. My mother in law did the math one time and she said if you just buy the bananas, the membership will pay for itself.
    Our list is very similar to yours SB. We have enjoyed their cereal options, beer, and hummus selections as well. Made for a nice variety in work lunches. And let's be honest, you cant beat their free samples...it may or may not have counted as a meal for us while shopping?! Ok, I've written enough.

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