ya throw it in the crock pot bbq

Honestly, I think crock pots are hi-larious. The reason being that every time someone shares with you a new crock pot recipe...at the end of it they say "It's so easy. Ya just throw it in the crock pot." BAH HAHA HA. Funny. Don't know why, but it is.

And this crock pot Boston butt (he he butt...also funny) is just like any other crock pot recipe, easy... and hilarious.

I'm laughing so hard I can barely type.


1 3-4 lb Boston butt
1 liter of coke (I'm serious)
your favorite homemade or store bought barbecue sauce

Place Boston butt in crock pot (and try not to laugh while you do it).

Salt heavily with course salt.

Throw a little pepper on there too.

Next, the secret ingredient, Co-cola, as my grandmother would have said.

I'm serious. I thought Coke was a WEIRD ingredient to cook Boston butts in too when I first tried this, but I promise it works...and it doesn't taste like Coke when it is done.

Go ahead, pour it on.

Turn crock pot on high. Leave the house for 6-8 hours.

You will come home to this...pork that is falling off the bone.

Pull it apart and place in baking dish.

Smother with your favorite barbecue sauce (store bought or homemade).

And heat in oven for 20-30 minutes on 350 degrees when you are ready to serve.

I like to pair this crock pot dish up with my hashbrown casserole and broccoli slaw (recipe coming ASAP).

You will never find an easier recipe. Ya just throw it in the crock pot!


  1. I was looking for crock pot recipes yesterday! And my roast calls for a coke. I thought it was also a little strange.

    You're funny.

  2. I made pulled pork BBQ in a crock pot for J's birthday- you really won't find a more delicious and easy meal! Planning on sharing the recipe next time I make it, but I'll have to try your's the next next time- I've also heard Dr. Pepper is good in there.

  3. I'm cooking the boston butt recipe right now. It smells so good!


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