Many months ago I was at the hospital (working) doing a continuing ed class, and as I was leaving one of my nurse friends asked me what I was cooking that night?

"I have no idea, all I have is some ground beef and an onion."

To which she replied, "Make a hobo."

"What's a hobo?"

She went on to explain that it is a hamburger patty, seasoned and then piled on top with onion and whatever other delightful vegetables you wish.

Since that rainy January night, hobos have become one of our favorite dinners.

Here's the ingredients and directions. I give no specific amounts. I'll leave that up to your own good judgment.

Take ground beef, make into hamburger patties and season with whatever you normally season your hamburgers with. In my case it's Italian dressing and a little bit of Dale's.

Then slice an onion and over that pile on diced potatoes and carrots. Finish it of with a large tab of butter and a liberal amount of salt and pepper.

Wrap in individual foil packets and cook in the oven for a minimum of 30 minutes on 350 degrees OR until vegetables are tender. Sometimes it can take up to 45 minutes or so.

There will be a lot of juice once cooked, so really wrapped them up good.

I usually serve a green salad or some sort of roasted vegetable along with these. Rice would be a good thing too.



  1. We used to make these in a fire "pit" at Camp Wahi (the Girl Scout camp in Brandon). If I remember correctly, the meat and potatoes were usually kind of undercooked, but no one got sick.... and the onions were great!

    My friends and I tried to repeat the experience of cooking these in a fire pit a few times by Belhaven Lake. I can't believe we built fires like that!! But nothing burned down!!

  2. A lot culturls have common people food. In the old days, when most people were poor, there were certain types of food they ate. This Hobos reminded me of sloppy joe I like a lot.

  3. my brother made these at boy scout camp--except with chicken instead of hamburger. we still make it at home, but we don't bother with the foil; we just do it like stew. and we use Lipton onion soup mix for flavor.

  4. These looks yummy! My family often makes foil wraps of similar vegetables with some cream of mushroom soup, it's really good. I will have to try this for an easy weeknight meal :)

  5. I am making this right now for the 3rd time in the past month. :-) It is so easy and my working guys love it! I will make this all winter long... we did something like this when camping but I am loving it as a supper idea. Thanks!

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