honey mustard

I make homemade honey mustard to go with oven sweet potato fries which we had last night along side our hamburgers.

As I was reminded of it's goodness, I remembered that I have not shared the recipe with you people.

This is it.

a lot of mayonnaise
a medium amount of plain yellow mustard
a couple tablespoons of honey

I have never measured, not even once. Taste as you go. Add more of whatever you see fit.

Enjoy! It's CRAZY good!

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  1. Hi! I am a complete blog stalker! I am a friend of Laura McFee's and I just had to comment and say thank you for all the recipies! I have tried your Poppy seed chicken, sweet potato fries, honey mustard, coke crockpot BBQ, hashbrown casserole and later this week we are trying the stir fry (a recipie I have also had trouble nailing down). We have loved everything! Thanks for helping me get out of a cooking rut. As a working mom it is easy to just rely on the same old things again and again so I've been excited to add some these things to the rotation ;)


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