captain steve's burgers

My husband, Captain Steve, has many talents. And at the top of the list is his ability to make the most amazing grilled hamburger EVER (at least in my opinion).

Today I revel his secrets.


Approximately 1 lb ground beef or ground chuck
1/2 small onion, diced
1/3 cup Dale's seasoning
2/3 cup Italian dressing

Mix all ingredients together including the diced onions. Feel free to add more or less of the Dale's or Italian dressing to your preferred taste.

Shape mixture into hamburger patties. The key here is to shape them sort of flat, like a thick pancake. This allows for a quicker cook time and prevents the outside from getting too charred.

Then throw them on the grill, medium to high heat. And whatever you do, resist the urge to press on them with a spatula. They loose all their juiciness. Has anyone else seen people do this...press the life out of their burger? If you are "one of those" then now is the time to change.

Remove and serve!

You will have no regrets.


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