Better than a McMuffin

Wish you all could have been at my house this morning because we enjoyed a much better spin on McDonald's egg McMuffin (no offense to Micky D's).


1 plain English muffin, lightly buttered, lightly toasted
1 egg scrambled
extra sharp cheddar cheese
sliced smoked sausage browned on the stove


Start by browning the sausage first. Then toast your muffin. Scramble your egg. Place cheese slices on egg while its hot. Put it all together and TAH DAH... you'll be giving McDonald's a run for their $$$.

Though SG and I are not big on brinner (breakfast for dinner) we do eat breakfast for Sunday lunch quite often. So I'm pretty sure this is what we'll be eating after church tomorrow.


  1. This looks great! You know how much I like eggs. This will definitely go on my "must try" list.

    You are am amazing cook. I like it that most of your stuff isn't very complicated. I actually think I could follow your recipes!

  2. SBS, have you ever tried a frozen breakfast sandwich? Wondering if it would work or if the eggs would be yuck. Loving the idea of your freezer sandwiches and looking for something in the am....


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