Grilled Chicken Fingers and Fries

My whole little family loves this meal! And let me tell you its...easy, easy, easy, EASY.


1 bag frozen chicken tenders defrosted and marinated in whatever you like to use to marinate chicken (this time we used Worcestershire sauce and lots of black pepper).

1 bag frozen french fries


Grill chicken.
Bake fries as directed on package.

Serve with ketch-up and homemade honey mustard.

*You could use chicken breasts and cut them up, but I highly recommend just buying frozen chicken tenders. They were the perfect size and I love not having to deal with raw chicken.

This is one of those meals you could always have on hand in the freezer. I made it spontaneously and did not marinate chicken until 15 minutes before putting on the grill. The only thinking ahead you have to do is : defrost chicken. But we all know hot water out of the sink can speed that process along.


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