Chicken Roll Ups

My inspiration for this meal came from the menu at Zoes Kitchen. They have an item called chicken roll ups. The flavors in this dish were a welcome change from my same ol same ol quesadillas.


grilled chicken sliced into thin strips (I used what I had leftover from our chicken finger meal)
caramelized onions
feta cheese
large tortillas


First grill you chicken (if you are not using leftovers like me). Then caramelize your onions : this involves sauteing onion slices in a little vegetable oil and salt until they are nice and brown. Once chicken and onion are done, place a small serving of chicken, onions, and feta cheese on the edge of a large tortilla. Then butter up your skillet or large pan and heat to medium heat.

Roll up tortilla into a tight "roll up" and place the loose end down first on hot skillet. Cooking this side first seals it and prevents you from loosing your yummy ingredients. Rotate to cook on all sides until tortilla is a nice golden brown and feta cheese is melted.

When done, slice in half. Serve with a little bowl of salsa for dipping. A great side dish is black beans and rice. I used instant white rice and the black beans were cooked in a little chicken broth with some diced onion.

This meal was delish. Definitely worth repeating.


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