Turkey Wraps

Turkey WRAPS! This one's for all you Auburn folks. Its an imitation of the turkey wrap served at Amsterdam, one of our favorite restaurants in Auburn. We ate there the night we got engaged. I believe I had the crab cakes that celebratory evening and not the turkey wrap. But needless to say their T-wrap is awesome.


plain wraps - found near deli section and pitas
smoked deli turkey sliced thin
Monterey Jack cheese sliced thin
spinach leaves
cream cheese


Spread thin layer of cream cheese onto wrap. Then make a single layer of spinach leaves, Monterey Jack cheese (I used 3 slices and lined them up down the center), and turkey. Roll up. Use a little extra cream cheese as "glue" to keep the edges down. I strongly suggest dipping in homemade honey mustard and having sweet potato fries as a side.

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