Better Than Last Year's Apple Pie

We came home from North Carolina with a surplus of apples. And what better use than to make a pie?! This particular pie making was very unplanned which resulted in me making my own crust, all in an effort to avoid going to the grocery store. I still had to make an emergency cinnamon run b/c I lost my cinnamon. The last time I saw it Stephen Small was playing with it, Yikes!

THIS wonderful 4 step recipe is the one I used (scroll down to the bottom of link). Of course I altered it a little. But crust did beautifully and I cut the top layer into rustic leaves, inspired by Mimi's apple pie at All Things Farmer.

*I used bottled store bought lemon juice.
*For the top crust, I brushed with a little egg white before baking and topped with LOTS of cinnamon and sugar.

Seriously, I can't say enough good things. I will definitely be making my own crust from now on. Totally worth the extra step.

Click here to see my apple pie from last year. But just know that this years was so much better. Live and learn.

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