Catfish Sandwiches

I don't expect everyone to love this recipe and meal idea. I know how some folks are about fish and seafood. At our house house we can't get enough! We buy our catfish from a local seafood joint and make sure that it was raised in the States and not Vietnam.

Catfish filets {as many as you have people eating}
store bought fish breading
1 egg
hoagies or hamburger buns
store bought Tarter sauce or mayo
fresh lettuce washed and diced thinly

Bake fish according to breading box directions. For this particular Zatarain's mixture it called for fish to be coated in egg, then breading, and then baked at 425 degrees for 30 minutes. Once fish is done, butter bread or bun and warm in oven.

Assemble sandwich.
Serve with fries.  

1 comment:

  1. Yummy! My favorite! Brings back fond memories of driving through Gino's for a catfish sandwich with slaw!


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