"We thank You for the Pioneer Woman"

Those were my dear husband's words the other night as he said the blessing, anticipating a meal in which 2 of the 3 components were The Pioneer Woman's recipes.

On this plate you see before you is P-dub's {blurry} marinated flank steak - recipe part 1 and part 2- and this knock your socks off 4 cheese pasta, except we only used 3 cheeses - there's lots of flexibility with the cheeses. We made this while my mom was here and she footed the bill for all the pricey, fancy cheese. Make this meal on a special occasion and you will be so happy.

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  1. Oh. Yum. I want to lick that plate! I've made her 4 cheese pasta several times, using cheap, non-fancy cheese every time. I'm sure it's not as fabulous as her original recipe, but it still turned out really well. I would love to try that flank steak recipe but can't justify cooking all that for just me :( I need to look into hosting a little get-together!

    PS--What did you do with your asparagus? It looks delicious!


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