Cucumber Sandwiches {two ways!}

This will go down as the summer I fell in love with cucumbers.

1- I made these for a baby shower this past weekend. They were a hit! Recipe HERE.

2- I made this sandwich for lunch today and it was sensational....if I do say so myself.

a bagel. My choice was the everything "thin" bagel. Have you seen those?!
cream cheese softened to room temp {I used an 8oz block and will use leftover for sandwiches later this week}
green onions
garlic salt to taste

salt and pepper to taste

Mix cream cheese with some diced green onions and garlic salt to taste. Spread on a toasted bagel. Layer one side with thinly sliced cucumbers and one side with thinly sliced tomato. Salt and pepper if desired.

Put it all together to make a lovely sandwich.


  1. Your sandwiches Sunday were so delicious. We like those thin everything bagels as well.

  2. Both of those look incredible! I love, love, LOVE cucumbers and pairing 'em with cream cheese? Out of this world. Thanks for sharing the recipes, SB!


  3. I'm chomping down on this sandwich RIGHT NOW!! Delish. I think I'll have another...

  4. oh delicious - we had cucumbers sandwiches at a ladies' party Sunday. Why didn't I realize I could eat like that everyday?! totally going to have cucumber sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. and popcorn and iced tea.


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