A Whole (Half) a Ham

Wow it has been a long time since I've been here.

So what's new in food news? Not much. We are still eating, but I have not tried anything new lately.

In November I sorta got on a health kick. I made lots of smoothies and popcorn. Dinners have been really simple. We eat pizza most every Friday night.

One new thing I've been doing is buying whole (or half) hams. This is so economical. A pound of Boar's Head ham is approximately $9 at the deli. On sale, a 7 lb half ham is $12. And I only buy it on sale. Granted it is a totally different product than Boar's Head, but still - it's ham. I use it for sandwiches and in soups. And you get a ham bone (also known as a soup bone).

Our groceries don't go as far now that our children eat real meals now. I'm always thinking of new ways to stretch the food budget.

With this half a ham I made 24 freezer sandwiches, homemade red beans and rice, and several ham sandwiches for Capt' Steve's lunch.

Nothing lasts longer than two people and a ham. - Abraham Lincoln

My parents always tell me that Abraham Lincoln said the above quote. But I can't verify it anywhere. Oh well, I like it anyways.


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