Meal Plans


Monday 8-6: BBQ chicken with this sauce, potatoes, broccoli (new recipes)
Tuesday 8-7: egg plant Parmesan 
Wednesday 8-8: tacos
Thursday 8-9: world's best chicken, big green salad (new recipe)
Friday 8-10: homemade pizza
Saturday 8-11: smoked pork loin, hashbrown casserole, salad
Sunday 8-12       ?

notes: Tuesday I baked the eggplant instead of frying it in oil, which is so much easier and still good. Saturday Stephen smoked the pork loin. For the hashbrown casserole I used cut up potoatos b/c I had some I wanted to use up, and I omitted the cream of chicken soup. Sunday we had a Sunday school class lunch, so that night I left open to just "make do". We ended up eating fried eggs, bacon, and leftover hashbrown casserole. Loved all the new recipes I tried and will make them again.

It was a bigger than usual cooking week because I had completely emptied my deep freezer. I'm in the process of starting over. Which is fun, but also a lot of work!

Capt' Steve's pork loin. It turned out GREAT!


Monday 8-13:       black bean burritos
Tuesday 8-14:       cashew chicken over rice with vegetables (new recipe)
Wednesday 8-15:  church
Thursday 8-16:     vegetable soup and grilled cheese
Friday 8-17:          homemade pizza
Saturday 8-18: ?    to be decided, big trip to grocery store
Sunday 8-19: ?

notes: After all of last week's cooking, I'm taking it a little easier in the kitchen this week. I'm currently making a big ol' pot of black beans for burritos tonight and some to freeze for the future. Also, I'm making vegetable soup from the leftover vegetables I've saved this summer. I decided to go ahead and make it this week since it's pleasantly cool for August - and I'm ready to get the gallon size ice cream tub full of vegetables out my regular freezer. All my shopping is behind me because I got it done over the weekend and the meals I chose are less fussy than last week's. Also, I have Wednesday night off because of church. So yay! My motto remains "just do it" when it comes to meal planning. It doesn't have to be perfect but it does have to get done!

What are you having for dinner tonight?!


  1. Thanks for featuring my recipe. love your blog!


  2. I need for you to come to our house and cook! What a wonderful selection of meals. Those Crash Hot Potatoes look mighty yummy and fun.

  3. what did you marinate or rub the pork in?
    And why so much?
    Do you freeze it?

    1. We marinate it in some dry BBQ rub.

      We make so much because we freeze it, and if we light up the big smoker we like to make a lot b/c of the charcoal it requires and the time effort. Seems more economical in the long haul.

  4. Today I made chicken cacciatore in the crockpot - took half to a friend, with pasta and steamed broccoli. We had homemade hot fudge sauce on homemade vanilla ice cream (got some cream I'm trying to use up). It was all yum. And I should go to bed.


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