What I Use for Chicken Stock or Broth

Whenever a recipe calls for chicken stock or broth, I pull out this baby.

Instant chicken bouillon.
Its tasty.
Its economical...way way way cheaper than paying for store bought chicken broth or stock in the can.

Use approximately 1 teaspoon per cup of water.
It's fairly salty, so watch it on the salt if a recipe calls for it. You can always add but you can't take away.


  1. as much as you make chicken stuff...you could totally make your own chicken broth and freeze it! It's sooo easy and even cheaper.

  2. I use the same trick! Love it!

  3. I started making stock after my children were born and I was at home. It was easy to tend the pot since I was home most of the time :) The flavor and nutrition are incomparable. I haven't actually figured out the cost, but I bet it's cheap. I do keep powdered bouillion on hand - sometimes food just needs a salty kick to finish it off.


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