Pita Pizzas

This dinner idea is from my college days. I lived with 5 other girls and pita pizzas frequented our table along with quesadillas, omelets, sandwiches, stir fry, Ramen noodles, and cereal....lots and lots of cereal.

The other night as I was thinking up dinner, I found myself needing a temporary a break from hearty winter and holiday food. This little pizza is healthy, light, but satisfying at the same time. Hope you find it refreshing as I did.


whole wheat pita bread
olive oil
your favorite store bought marinara sauce
1 carton diced baby portabella mushrooms
1/2 small onion diced
dash of garlic salt
grated mozzarella cheese

Coat a small sauce pan in olive oil, saute onion on medium heat until it begins to caramelize. Add mushrooms and cook until tender and juicy. Throw in a dash of garlic salt.

On a cookie sheet, brush pita bread with olive oil. Then add desired amount of marinara sauce, spinach leaves, a serving of the mushroom/onion combo, then top with cheese.

Cook in oven on 375 for approximately 10 minutes.

Best eaten with a knife and fork. One carton of mushrooms makes about 4 pizzas - I like a lot of mushrooms.

Hope you like!


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