Fish Tacos

This is an idea, not an exact recipe.
We have always enjoyed a fish taco here and there, whenever we can get our hands on some reasonably priced, mild tasting white fish. This here ol' Capt' Steve caught himself. Bass, I believe.

Simply coat fish in a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and cumin. Spray a pan with cooking spray to minimize sticking and pan sear the little fishies.

For some added flavor, saute some peppers and onion. Other "toppings" : black beans, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, and homemade salsa.

Light, refreshing, and GOOD!


  1. I truly wish I liked seafood, but I just don't have it in me. I get jealous of all the lovely seafood dishes I see when I'm out at a beach restaurant, knowing that I'm going to order more chicken fingers :( You've inspired me to maybe (MAYBE!) give seafood another try...maybe :)


  2. Great post! We love us some bass, its unbelievably mild and tasty. We make these with similar ingredients...I also mix up a little mayonaise sauce that includes: mayo, lemon juice and hot sauce of your choice=yummy fish tacos, also good on fried fish.

  3. I tried a lime butter tilapia recipe the other night that would go great with this! 3 T light butter with 1 lime zested and juiced to saute the fish 3 min on both sides. Would be yum this way for tacos!

  4. mmmm yum - and sometimes we put a citrusy cabbage salad on ours too (it's on my blog under "winter cabbage salad")


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