Grilled Chicken Salad

A few weeks ago I had Capt' Steve grill a thousand pounds of chicken. I frozen a bunch of it after it was already cooked, so I can pull it out for things such a these...grilled chicken salads!

The grill + me + the heat and mosquitoes +  the babies + the witching hour + a husband working late = a bad combination. Sure to end in blood, sweat, and tears.

All this to say, I highly recommend freezing meat after it has already been grilled. Does it have that same fresh off the grill taste?

No. But it's pretty good.  Especially after you give it a whirl in the microwave.

This one of my all time favorite summer meals. It's FULL of nutrients and protein. It's so satisfying and just plain delicious.

On my grilled chicken salad you will find...
salad - duh
grilled chicken - duh
black beans
homemade croutons
homemade thousand island dressing {I google this every time I make it and use ingredients I have on hand.}

For the croutons....simply dice up some old bread, rolls, hotdog buns etc. Spread on a cookie sheet and coat in olive oil, salt, parsley {dried or fresh}. Toast in the oven on a low temp {like 300 degrees} for 20 to 30 minutes or until golden brown.  WAAA LAAA!

Homemade croutons!

What are you cooking up this summer?!


  1. Yummy. During the summer, I go through one of those HUGE boxes of spring mix from Sam's in about 7-10 days....all by myself. My go to salad is: spring mix, grape tomatoes, blue cheese, grilled chicken, homemade vinegrette with red wine vinegar, canola oil, lots of fresh pressed garlic, salt and lots of pepper:) Do you have a vacuum sealer?? I was just thinking about that when you mentioned that you have SG grill lots o' chicken and you freeze. I think your quality would be tons better if you vacuum sealed your product...after cooling completely and removing excess moisture. We LOVE our vacuum sealer and use it often, especially for fish....the trick there is an old towel, pat it dry and seal away:) Also, we use the "Great Value" brand vacuum bags, they work just fine at a fraction of the cost. Our sealer is a black and decker.

  2. Such a delicious way to use up a thousand pounds of chicken :) I love a good salad anytime, but especially in the summertime. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. I kept back a grilled steak from Sunday and we are having it on salad tomorrow - with roasted potatoes and blue cheese. This is called a Pittsburgh salad around here. YUM.

    I always forget about croutons and my family adores them so much. We do (when I remember) float them on soup in the winter too. I've found they take any oven temperature, so I usually do them with something else (when I remember). Maybe after this comment, I will remember.

  4. I'm pretty sure I am in love with your food blog. Just as I am in love with your other blog. Also, pretty sure I have that same china... so I think we should be friends. ;)


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