Crunch for Your Lunch

I always thought I would reach a stage of maturity when I didn't like Doritos.

But I never have. 
                         -- my brother, George {will be 23 years old on November 21st}

I'm a chips with my sandwich kind of gal. I like crunch with my lunch. But thanks to the inspiration of Margo from Thrift at Home, I started eating popcorn instead of chips with my sandwich. It's healthier and cheaper! Win win. I'll make a lot of it and then store it in a large container. It keeps for several days.


  1. Ben asks for popcorn every day! We do love our popcorn around here :)

    but MAN, I will never outgrow Doritos. My favorite snack food, probably even over potato chips.

  2. Great, easy ideas. I will try the granola and I love the veggie sandwish recipe. And the Tator quote is priceless!!

  3. Do you make it in a paper bag a la Alton Brown? My girls think it is AMAZING.


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